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This all started as a high school art project.  Our assignment: to take a different (or unusual, or
unorthodox) material and make art with it.  Ok.  Great... now what?

Dad was fixing something in the garage and had been working with electrical wire.  You've seen it...
rubber coated bits of metal that are really bendy and not particularly useful for much other than wiring
your house or jury-rigging a hanger for a picture frame... right?

I was all bent out of shape (pun intended...) because I had a day left to finish my assignment and had
gotten nowhere.  So, I picked up some of the stripped pieces of copper and started mashing them flat
between a brick and the driveway. Ahh, teenage frustration.... But they say that necessity is the
mother of invention, right?

Copper + Rock + Driveway = sort of hot, very shiny flat metal that doesn't bend much anymore....


So I scooted back into the house for some beads.  I had a bunch of beads with holes too large for any
sort of attractive stringing, but they fit perfectly onto the copper.

By the time I got back outside, I had at least 5 ideas for this silly art assignment, and I was able to hit
Dad up for 3 feet of wire, a wire stripper, a cutter, and some pliers.  After about a half hour of denting
the driveway with a brick, he upgraded my equipment to a much-abused vice/anvil (which I still have,
many years later) and a teeny-tiny ball-peen hammer.

After several hours of bending and snipping and bashing (of both metal and fingers) I had accomplished
two things: my assignment was complete and Mom was thoroughly annoyed with the noise.

After I got my A for the assignment and two of the girls in the class had begged for a couple of the
pendants, I decided that this was a) a lot of fun, and b) potentially a career.

I found a supplier for my metals (no more electrical wire, rest assured....) and a local vendor for beads
and stones, and went to town....

And so now I present the DragonLady's Creations....
One of a kind handmade wire jewelry!

I hope that you enjoy wearing the pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them.
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